My blogging debate

So, I had this debate in my head for a long time, do I blog or not?

I’ve always enjoyed writing, and people used to tell me (back in they day when we wrote actual letters, and posted them), they liked my style of writing. And having read some of my friends blogs, and then produced one at work for a project I was working on, I decided, yes, I will blog.

But what would I blog about? The original idea was food, specifically food I’d eaten out.
You see I like food…..all types…. and I especially enjoy eating out, because. …I don’t have to cook it! And my work colleagues regularly took the mick when if anyone mentioned a place they were going to eat, it was highly likely I could tell them about it.

But since deciding that might be a good idea,  my life had been pretty busy, completing the renovation of our Victorian house, and making all the necessary arrangements that were required to leave the country. But that’s blog posts for another time.

So next idea, I thought I’d blog about the adventures we had whilst travelling around India for 4 months.

With that in mind, I wrote the following in my notebook whilst sat in a cafe in the Himalayas.

So I’ve really been struggling with the decision about whether to write, whether that be blogs, emails, a personal diary, or anything else. Who would it be for?  What sort of things should it include, facts and figures,  lists of experiences, emotions, thoughts? Should it be entertaining, a diary or what?

And it didn’t help that actually for the first few days of travelling, I struggled mentally. I put this down largely to being overtired, not in control – because many things are harder work than they should be – and it turned out to be the dreaded time of the month!

Oh, and of course there is the little matter of leaving the UK. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not doubting the decision or anything, but as H so rightly put it, a very ordinary act – one I’ve done so many times – of getting on a plane – is actually massive.

I have lots of lovely people in my life, and they have shown me tremendous support for so many things I have done, and am now doing, but boy do I miss them already.

And yet again, here I am sitting in a café,  in the middle of the Himalayas,  crying!

Don’t panic, I’m ok,  and actually the place where I am is a fascinating little place, and I am actually now enjoying myself, it’s just my emotions are getting the better of me a little more unexpectedly than normal. So, it seems from that,  that if I do actually put this out there, I will be sharing thoughts and emotions doesn’t it!

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