So what’s this blog about?

I think if I had to choose one word, it would be memories (and yes I do tend to start singing like Barbara Streisand in my head at this point).

Every moment we create more, and for so many reasons they get lost. Not wilfully necessarily, but for example health conditions can make us lose treasured memories, estrangement can mean people weren’t there at the time, or the most frequent – we just don’t take the time to notice, treasure or record so many moments that will help us remember, both the good and bag things (how often do you take notice of the flowers you pass each day on the way to work, or smile and acknowledge the people you pass, or play that childlike game of making shapes out of the clouds in the sky?)

There are so many things I have done, seen or experienced, there are people I’ve met, places I’ve been to, that I can no longer recall. And it’s not that I wanted to forget, it’s just impossible for any of us to remember everything. But one thing I can do, is make myself some kind of journal. Somewhere I can record those random thoughts, experiences, and sights. And I may never read every word again, but at least I’ll have it as an option.

And of course, there is the thing I mentioned in my first post, there are people I know, who do like to know what I’m doing. So this way they can help themselves to as much or as little of my snippets, whenever it suits them.

So here it is, my blog. For me. And anyone else who wants to share the journey.


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