Daily Photo – Thursday 3rd September 2015 – City Hall lanterns

Another day, another lunchtime wander.

Passed City Hall again, and focused on one element I really like, the light fittings that adorn the outside walls.


City Hall outdoor light fittings

Intricate design details with what looks like to a be a modern light fitting on the inside.

Daily Photo – Tuesday 1st September 2015 – Pink City Hall

City Hall in pink

Many of Brisbane’s buildings and structures are lit up at night.

And it is not uncommon for some of them to feature colour schemes. In fact charities can apply for colour schemes to be applied to help raise awareness, or corporates can pay for it.

Tonight, as you can see, City Hall has been turned pink. I could look up if there is a specific reason….but actually I just enjoy the ever changing colours appearing on my familiar city views.

Daily Photo – Friday 28th August 2015 – Windows of City Hall

Another random lunchtime walk took me past City Hall today, and whilst as a whole it is a lovely looking building, I’ve started to try and look at the details too.

Windows of City Hall

These different shaped windows made me think of the TV program Playschool from my youth.

Which window shall we go through today?

Daily Photo – Friday 21st August 2015 – Looking up…at columns

In many cities I’ve been to, especially in the main retail areas such as high streets, a lot of the old buildings still stand, but their lower floors are given over to shops or restaurants with their own hoarding aimed at capturing the passersby eyes.

Columns of NSW bank building


But if you take a moment to look up above these ‘modern’ fascias, quite often the old buildings features are still visible, and a delight to look at.

Sitting eating my lunch today…..I decided to look up….and I think this building is nice to look at.

Daily Photo – Thursday 6th August 2015 – Brisbane Square

There’s quite a few tall buildings that make up the Brisbane skyline.

This particular one is called “Brisbane Square”, houses the Council’s city library in the bottom few coloured pods that stick out the bottom, and will in the coming months be joined by an even taller building next to it.

A regular sight for me as it sits next to the Victoria bridge. The one I usually cross if heading towards the city, or most other places on the north side of the river.

Brisbane Square
Brisbane Square