Daily Photo – Monday 10th August 2015 – From the 18th floor window


On the 18th floor, things outside start to look a little smaller.

Featured here in the foreground is the entrance/exit of the busway tunnel that goes under the main shopping precinct of the city.

Behind is the red roofed Treasury Casino complex (which I haven’t yet been inside), with what I call Victoria square in the middle. I’m sure it has an official name, but as it contains a statue of Queen Victoria I’ve gone with that for now.

Behind that again is a building occupied by State government, with to the right a new building that they will occupy once finished. That new building looked like a very tall car park when we first arrived, so it’s been interesting to see it rise and transform.

What’s outside the window nearest you right now?

Daily Photo – Tuesday 21st July 2015 – Art Gallery Pelicans

Art Gallery Pelicans
Art Gallery Pelicans

Behind the cultural centre bus station there is a little open area with grass, sculptures and a number of water features. These cast bronze pelicans tucked away behind the Arts Museum only get a limited audience, compared to the thousands of people who pass just metres away on the busway.