Daily Photo – Wednesday 9th September 2015 – Professional Dancers

A few weeks ago I went to a free ballroom dance class. And whilst I found it very challenging, it was also lots of fun.

Circumstances on that night, meant at one point I was paired with the instructor, who did an amazing job of not getting frustrated or showing too much pain when I got the moves wrong….or indeed stood on his feet.

Professional Dancers

It was a pleasant surprise therefore when I stopped by the front yard of the QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre) on my way to the cinema tonight, to find my instructor with more professional dancers showing how it should be done.

I’d recommend giving it a go, even if only once if you see an opportunity.

Daily Photo – Friday 4th September 2015 – Gatsby Dancers

I recently won a competition from a local publication, to attend a showing of the original The Great Gatsby at a local cinema.

Whilst not my go to movie style of choice, for me it falls in the category or classics I’ve never seen but probably should.

So tonight, we attended said showing ….. and were very pleasantly surprised to see that a dance group had been organised to do some film appropriate dancing in the seating area outside the cinema screen.

Gatsby Dancers

And as for the film….not sure I’d watch it again…..but oh such beautiful shirts 😉

Daily Photo – Sunday 9th August 2015 – food on the move

Food on the move
Food on the move

I’m sure we can’t be the only ones…..stayed out of the house for longer than expected, and now going on an unplanned visit straight to the cinema.

But we’ve not had dinner. Choices are go into one of the nearby restaurants, which carries the risk of taking a little longer than we have…..or nip into the supermarket round the corner and buy whatever nibbles grab your fancy.

As you can see, the supermarket won…..I’ve not had a ham and crisp sandwich for ages….yum 🙂

Daily Photo – Wednesday 5th August 2015 – Mission Impossible

After work today, I went to what has become a pretty regular weekly habit, and joined a group of people to watch a movie at the cinema.

You may wonder how I managed to find a group of people who watch movies…..without stalking the cinema foyer on a regular basis that is.

I found this particular group via a website called meetup.com

It is actually available in places all around the world (check it out for where you live or work), but here in Brisbane it is massive. With groups doing pretty much anything you can think of, and open to anyone joining them doing it. From social groups to professional groups, put in a search term, and there’s usually a group for it. A brilliant way to meet new people and try new things.

Oh, and the movie tonight was the latest in the Mission Impossible franchise. And it ties in quite nicely, because apparently it’s an impossible mission for me to remember to take a picture every day!!!!

Daily Photo – Tuesday 4th August 2015 – Why I shouldn’t shop


I’m very lucky that most of the time, my partner does the food shopping.

But today, I was asked to nip to the shop to pick up some tortilla chips, forgotten in the previous trip, to go with the chilli being cooked for the evening meal.

As you know many supermarkets use the end of their aisles to advertise their ‘special offers’. And I went all in on two of them. 2 for 1 on this little selection of treats. And my excuse…..I’ll likely buy these sorts of things anyway when I go on my weekly cinema trips, so why not save some money?

But at least I remembered the tortilla chips!!