Daily Photo – Sunday 13th September 2015 – Colourful brunch

After a hectic day yesterday, it was a relaxed one today.

A trip to our favourite local cafe (so far), provided us with brunch (not early enough to be classed as breakfast) that was particularly colourful.

Colourful brunch

Daily Photo – Saturday 5th September 2015 – Bug on a wall

Today was a jam packed day.

We saw an AFL game at the Gabba, and actually got to walk across the turf afterwards.

Then the evening saw us at one of the events of the Brisbane festival: Rise for the Oceans.

I’ll leave it to the official publication to explain that: “Rise for the Oceans brought together a tremendous line-up of great Australians – Bernard Fanning, Tim Winton, William Barton, Katie Noonan, Jessica Watson among them – in a multi-arts celebration of the Great Barrier Reef, the oceans that surround us, and the 50th anniversary of the Australian Marine Conservation Society.”

A mixed bag of songs, music, talks, vidoes and on stage art.

But the photo for the day? This bug was spotted at some point in the day…..but I now can’t remember where! Could have been on the way to parkrun, but could easily have been at any other point. But it doesn’t really matter.

Two things spring to mind…..

1. Is it trying to ‘hide’ on this blue grout?

2. I have no idea what it is, and indeed whether it is something to be wary of.

Bug on a wall

Daily Photo – Tuesday 18th August 2015 – Rail Bridge Mural

I forgot to take a photo again today, so this image is from about a week later. But I pass this place many days on way to either the library, work, or just the city.

Rail Bridge mural

It represents one of the things I love about Brisbane. Art…in many forms….anywhere and everywhere.

It just makes it an interesting place to walk around and see things.