Daily Photo – Friday 14th August 2015 – Cultural Centre waterfall

Behind the Cultural Centre bus station, tucked behind a regularly walked footpath, there is a lovely peaceful area with several sculptures, trees, and a couple of water features.

This bit of water could be mistaken for an infinity pool type concept to the casual passerby, but on the other side it is a waterfall.


Because I’m quite tall, I do occasionally drag my fingers in the cool waters as a I pass by on my way to or from the city.

Daily Photo – Tuesday 21st July 2015 – Art Gallery Pelicans

Art Gallery Pelicans
Art Gallery Pelicans

Behind the cultural centre bus station there is a little open area with grass, sculptures and a number of water features. These cast bronze pelicans tucked away behind the Arts Museum only get a limited audience, compared to the thousands of people who pass just metres away on the busway.