Daily Photo – Sunday 2nd August 2015 – Keys on the Green

As part of the Queensland Music Festival, the organisers had placed pianos around public places and allowed people to just play.

Keys on the Green
Keys on the Green

To mark the end of the festival, they brought all these pianos (about 20 of them) together onto Rainforest green, and held a free mini concert called Keys on the Green.

Pictured on stage are James Morrison, and Fatai.

Daily Photo – Wednesday 29th July 2015 – First Degustation

This evening, we went to our first ‘degustation’ (or tasting menu as we would have called it back in the UK).

We’ve been to a Michelin star place with a tasting menu before, and were blown away at just how fantastic it was. So there is a high bar to live up to.

Tonight, however, was nowhere near close to that standard. 

Now don’t get me wrong, we had a lovely evening, but that was down to us accepting we were going to enjoy it….despite the pretentiousness of the menu, the food, and the waiter’s lengthy explanations of each dish, and the rather long waits in between.

Some of the food was nice, but there wasn’t enough of it really. And with the first three courses largely consisting of strong alcohol, I for one was feeling tipsy enough that I wanted more water and started talking of kebab and chips on the way home!

First Degustation
First Degustation

One fine example that had us both smirking and trying not to giggle whilst the waiter explained it, was this pictured course.

On the menu it had stated: “Absolut Elyx – Fino – Mandarin – Porthole”. It meant nothing to me. But the waiter describing the massive block of ice taking up most of the glass as ” triple frozen ice ….. to make it a more pure” in amongst a load of other words about the vodka and the frozen mandarin “spheres” on top, had me desparately trying not to look at him, or anyone else for fear of laughing out loud at the seriousness of his tone.

This particular restaurant is trying just a little too hard, and needs to concentrate on good flavours and combinations.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I didn’t get food on the way home, as by the time we left four hours after we arrived, we just wanted our beds.

Daily Photo – Saturday 25th July – Whale tail

Whale tail
Whale tail

An absolutely brilliant day out on a boat (coming from someone who easily gets sea sick), out from Surfers Paradise on a Whale watching tour.

They guaranteed whale sightings….and didn’t fall short. This little fella (apparently a teenager) stayed with our boat for over an hour, coming up every few minutes or so.

Originally I wasn’t taking any pictures, as I just wanted to savour the reality of it, but after a while, I knew spending a little time behind a screen wouldn’t take away from the event.

This is my favourite, as it not only shows his tail rather than a hump of his back, but also the stillness of the Pacific ocean, and the high rises of Surfer’s in the background.

Fabulous. Might even do that trip again 🙂