Daily Photo – Thursday 23rd July 2015 – Swimming pool fish

Swimming pool fish
Swimming pool fish

Why wouldn’t this be the natural doorway to any swimming pool?


Daily Photo – Sunday 19th July 2015 – Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips
Fish, chips, battered sausage, scallops, mushy peas, curry sauce


I’ve been fancying fish and chips…..well actually mainly the chips for a while now. You see whilst chips are available on menu’s in many Australian food venues, they just aren’t like chip shop chips in the UK. And that’s what I wanted.

Having had this discussion with a fellow expat, she not only had informed me there was a British style chippy within an hours driving distance of central Brisbane, she also arranged for a small group of us to go out there and enjoy their offerings together.

They were the closest thing to my memories of British chip shop chips to date, and the bonus range of cans of pop (fizzy sugary drinks) available added a lovely touch.

I’m blaming them for the child like freedom that ensued in a bar on the way back, in that I enjoyed colouring in the place mats kindly provided whilst sipping on my rather brightly coloured slushie style cocktail.

Slushie cocktail
Slushie cocktail