Daily Photo – Sunday 23rd August 2015 – State Library

This place has been a great facility for me to use pretty much since we arrived in the country…. and I don’t use most of what it has to offer.

New hoarding is now finished.

I’ve largely used it, on a regular basis, as a place to use a computer…. usually internet enabled. Whether it be completing online courses, reading and writing emails, researching, job applications, or just general finding stuff out.

Plenty of people are surprised when they find out I don’t own a computer, laptop or tablet. And seem to find it odd that I prefer to just go to a library when I want to do something, not on my phone screen.

But for me, it kind of compartmentalises the things I do. There is a daily maximum time limit of use, so whatever I want to get done needs to fit in that. Once I leave the building….it’s done, and that’s kind of gives it a sense of release. Time to move on to whatever else is going on in the day.

Daily Photo – Thursday 6th August 2015 – Brisbane Square

There’s quite a few tall buildings that make up the Brisbane skyline.

This particular one is called “Brisbane Square”, houses the Council’s city library in the bottom few coloured pods that stick out the bottom, and will in the coming months be joined by an even taller building next to it.

A regular sight for me as it sits next to the Victoria bridge. The one I usually cross if heading towards the city, or most other places on the north side of the river.

Brisbane Square
Brisbane Square

Daily Photo – Sunday 5th July 2015 – Library What’s On

One of the fabulous things I’ve found about Brisbane so far……the libraries.

There’s loads of them around in many suburbs, providing access to books, magazines, CD’s, DVD’s, (including facilities to access all this kind of stuff online like e-books), WiFi, scanners, printers, and computers (with and without internet).

But they are all also hubs for many activities all the time. So much so, there is a regular mini booklet with all the events detailed produced to help users plan their activities as they wish.

Want a CPR course? Want to learn how to use an iPad? Want to go to a book signing? Want to go to a cookery demonstration? What about a bookclub…… movie event……author signing…..digital photography group….. craft courses….and so on.

A fab resource for residents to learn, grow and come together as suits them. Long may it continue.

Planning what activities I'll participate in at libraries over the coming weeks.
Planning what activities I’ll participate in at libraries over the coming weeks.