Daily Photo – Wednesday 26th August 2015 – Market Day

Wednesday’s are market days in Redacliff Square, right next to Brisbane’s central shopping mall. Every week a plethora of tasty delights, like fresh fruit and veg, cakes and breads of many varieties, healthy options, salamis, lemonade, nuts galore, jams and honey, and more to take away with you.

Of course not to mention the large selection of freshly prepared, before your eyes, mouth watering delights to tempt the senses if you venture that way on your way to and from work….or maybe even a lunch break.

Not that I’ve been tempted of course! 😉


Market Day

Daily Photo – Friday 7th August 2015 – Boundary Street markets

Boundary Street markets
Boundary Street markets

Markets, when I was a kid, were always full of random stalls from button sellers, book sellers, butchers, clothes, videos, computer games, sweets, alongside fruit and veg stalls.

But this market, which happens every Friday and Saturday is all about food. And food for immediate consumption at that.

There’s food of so many varieties, a consequence of Brisbane being so culturally diverse I think. And I’m enjoying making my way around them all, slowly.

So my question is, if there was a particular dish you’d want to see at a market like this, what would it be?

*By the way, this photo captures less than a quarter of the size of these markets!