Daily Photo – Thursday 10th September 2015 – Looking Old?

At the top of the stairs of South Brisbane train station is this decorative light. Or is it a lamp?

Looking Old?

It’s in a style that I guess is meant to give the impression of being old or traditional.

I’m not sure it ever is actually used as a light source. Just a random feature at the top of the stairwell.

Thanks Queensland Rail for feeding my joy of random things to see and enjoy on a daily commute.

Daily Photo – Sunday 30th August 2015 – Fruit at B2B

Today was what is known in the local running calendar as Bridge to Brisbane Day. A 10km event starting at the Gateway bridge, going over it (I’m so glad I didn’t research what that looked like before the day!), before heading towards the City.

So many positives for me to take away…..the fact that the local public transport operators put on free extra services at stupid o clock on a Sunday morning, to get just under 17000 (yes that’s right seventeen thousand!) runners to the start line. A fabulous sight sitting on a train (one every few minutes) in the just after dawn hours and seeing nothing but race numbers attached to the front of every lyra/active wear traveller filling every carriage.

And then, there was the fact that I ran (well didn’t resort to walking anyway) the whole thing without stopping. Yes I have run 10k without stopping before, but not for a long time, and certainly not when the start was up a long hill. And yes I wanted to stop on many occasion, but after ticking off each kilometre marker that thought of….”come on just one more”… kicked in, so when I got to the 7km marker it turned into the ….. “well you can’t stop now”…..thought. Even when at about 9km, another damn hill appeared…. And I stated out loud (much to the surprise and amusement of several strangers running around me at the time)…. “Oh s##t….Right….Come on S!”.

So finish line crossed, T-shirt collected and lots of water drunk, I staggered out into the finish village to check out what was there before heading home (on the free train of course).

My favourite sight……the masses of chopped fruit just ready for the taking. Super refreshing and a nice change to the sugary snack bars usually handed out by some sponsor or other.

Just the odd bit of fruit!

Would I do it again? Of course I would….how else can I get the excuse to eat guilt free chocolate/cake 😉

My stats: Finished in a time of 1:14:39, and placed 9885 out of 16784 finishers.

Daily Photo – Thursday 20th August 2015 – City from the Train

Sometimes I go to and from work on the train. And often this means going over one of the many bridges over the Brisbane river.

City skyline from within a train.

Tonight, rather than sit and do things on my phone (don’t we all!), I thought I’d watch the view.

I was luck and managed to catch not only the city skyline, but also Citycats going in both directions down on the river.

What views do you get on your commute?

Daily photo – Friday 3rd July 2015 – Commuting Sunset

My workplace isn’t that far away, but of an evening I’ve found it easier to get the train home, rather then the bus.

I say train, but the frequency of the stops for my part of the journey (3 stations), makes it feel more like the London tube to me.

But then you don’t get views like this from the tube. Granted it’s a little out of focus, but I did take it through the glass window of a moving train 🙂

Commuting sunset
Commuting sunset

Daily Photo – Thursday 25th June 2015 – Bus Stop

Bus stop
Bus stop

You know the public transport in and near Brisbane city is actually pretty good.

Multiple train lines with pretty frequent services to plenty of places within an hours travelling time, and dedicated bus lanes in many areas meaning traffic is less likely to cause delays to travellers on public transport. Oh and I can’t forget the ferries. And all of these services are nicely linked together with one payment method….the Go card. So as long as you remember to keep it topped up (there is an auto top-up option available), you don’t have to think about having cash on you to travel.

And with my current job, despite having to travel to a suburb on the opposite side of the city, I’m lucky enough to only have to get the one bus in the morning (I could get a train instead).

Anybody would think we thought about where we would live.