Daily Photo – Thursday 10th September 2015 – Looking Old?

At the top of the stairs of South Brisbane train station is this decorative light. Or is it a lamp?

Looking Old?

It’s in a style that I guess is meant to give the impression of being old or traditional.

I’m not sure it ever is actually used as a light source. Just a random feature at the top of the stairwell.

Thanks Queensland Rail for feeding my joy of random things to see and enjoy on a daily commute.

Daily Photo – Wednesday 9th September 2015 – Professional Dancers

A few weeks ago I went to a free ballroom dance class. And whilst I found it very challenging, it was also lots of fun.

Circumstances on that night, meant at one point I was paired with the instructor, who did an amazing job of not getting frustrated or showing too much pain when I got the moves wrong….or indeed stood on his feet.

Professional Dancers

It was a pleasant surprise therefore when I stopped by the front yard of the QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre) on my way to the cinema tonight, to find my instructor with more professional dancers showing how it should be done.

I’d recommend giving it a go, even if only once if you see an opportunity.

Daily Photo – Tuesday 8th September 2015 – Brunswick Street Mural

This beaten copper mural by an unknown artist apparently depicts the history of Brunswick Street from 1890 to 1970.

With New Farm on the left and Fortitude Valley on the right.

Brunswick Street Mural

The plate says it was commissioned by the National Australia Bank in 1972, and it was displayed at the bank until the 1990’s.

Queensland Rail purchased it in 2004, which is why I guess it is now displayed on one of the platforms at Fortitude Valley railway station.

Shame it’s not possible to get a little closer to it, to see the details.

Daily Photo – Sunday 2nd August 2015 – Keys on the Green

As part of the Queensland Music Festival, the organisers had placed pianos around public places and allowed people to just play.

Keys on the Green
Keys on the Green

To mark the end of the festival, they brought all these pianos (about 20 of them) together onto Rainforest green, and held a free mini concert called Keys on the Green.

Pictured on stage are James Morrison, and Fatai.

Daily Photo – Tue 7th July 2015 – Ekka Junction box


Whilst out for an exploratory lunchtime walk, I came across a new (to me) painted junction box.

I then realised I was near the showground that Ekka takes place every year, and the pictures were an attempt to show everything that the event offers. I guess I’ll find out if I attend next month!