Daily Photo – Thursday 10th September 2015 – Looking Old?

At the top of the stairs of South Brisbane train station is this decorative light. Or is it a lamp?

Looking Old?

It’s in a style that I guess is meant to give the impression of being old or traditional.

I’m not sure it ever is actually used as a light source. Just a random feature at the top of the stairwell.

Thanks Queensland Rail for feeding my joy of random things to see and enjoy on a daily commute.

Daily Photo – Saturday 22nd August 2015 – Art or Playground?

This morning saw me join a few buddies on a parkrun tourist trip. And before we returned home, we visited a nearby cafe, at the edge of a shopping mall.

Outside I couldn’t help but notice the playground….or are they sculptures…..and is that a word….well, just lots of questions arising from these brightly coloured shiny objects.

It looks like it’s designed to be played on/with?
Sculptures or Playground?

Having gone and touched, examined and attempting to play with these objects….I still wasn’t sure I had any other answer other than…..randomness!

Daily Photo – Tuesday 23rd June 2015 – West End Spaceship

West End spaceship
West End “spaceship”?

In all honesty, I don’t know what it’s supposed to be. But quite frankly I don’t care either.

There are random sculptures, art works……things, all around the streets here. And I quite like the randomness of it.

This one has multiple different light sequences at night, sprays a cooling water mist from different parts sporadically, and from what I can tell, no functional purpose.