Daily Photo – Monday 29th June 2015 – Spaceship Junction Box

Not just any old cable/junction box
Not just any old cable /junction box

Remember last week I posted about the West End spaceship?

Well it seems whoever labelled up this nearby junction box wanted to be clear the two were connected……

…..check out the top label.

How could that not make you smile 🙂

Daily Photo – Tuesday 23rd June 2015 – West End Spaceship

West End spaceship
West End “spaceship”?

In all honesty, I don’t know what it’s supposed to be. But quite frankly I don’t care either.

There are random sculptures, art works……things, all around the streets here. And I quite like the randomness of it.

This one has multiple different light sequences at night, sprays a cooling water mist from different parts sporadically, and from what I can tell, no functional purpose.