Daily Photo – Saturday 12th September 2015 – Mexican Festival

Well today was a pretty fun packed day.

It kicked off with a parkrun fix, where I snapped these two views on the way to the start.

Skyneedle and sunrise.

I’m sure I’ll write a post about the skyneedle at some point.

A chat in the coffee shop, followed by a shower and a five minute walk found us at the local Mexican festival.

Mexican bunting


Absolutely packed with people, milling around stalls and food trucks.

Juan more Taco

It would have been rude not to partake of the taco selection available for lunch, wouldn’t it?

And the mexican wrestling display was a real crowd pleaser.

Mexican wrestling

And because the day wasn’t yet over, it was time to get over to the Suncorp stadium to see my first Brisbane Broncos (rugby league) game.

Brisbane Broncos

Whilst I may not completely understand the game as yet, I do like the atmosphere. I mean who wouldn’t? There’s fireworks, and a horse mascot that parades the touchline when the Broncos score a try!

Like I said, fun packed day this one 🙂

Daily Photo – Saturday 15th August 2015 – My first AFL match

One of the things I said I’d like to do now we’re in Australia is to go and watch all the different sports at least once, to see if any grab my fancy as a regular watch.


Today was the turn of the AFL (Australian Football League) at the stadium I associate with the cricket: The Gabba.

Teams playing were the Brisbane Lions v. Carlton.

As it turns out it was perfectly watchable, with a reasonable size crowd, and even a tune to be sung for the home team. I won’t pretend I understand all the rules, but would happily watch another game again sometime.

What’s your favourite sport to watch live….and why?