Daily Photo – Tuesday 8th September 2015 – Brunswick Street Mural

This beaten copper mural by an unknown artist apparently depicts the history of Brunswick Street from 1890 to 1970.

With New Farm on the left and Fortitude Valley on the right.

Brunswick Street Mural

The plate says it was commissioned by the National Australia Bank in 1972, and it was displayed at the bank until the 1990’s.

Queensland Rail purchased it in 2004, which is why I guess it is now displayed on one of the platforms at Fortitude Valley railway station.

Shame it’s not possible to get a little closer to it, to see the details.

Daily Photo – Monday 7th September 2015 – The Courier

Another lunchtime meander, and another bit of street art discovered.

I clearly didn’t hang around for long enough, because I looked through one of those black rings, saw the street on the other side, took this picture, and a picture of the descriptive plate in the ground near it….without reading it.

The Courier

That plate states the following:

“John Coleman

The Courier


Stainless Steel

‘The Courier’ is an interactive artwork presenting news snippets from an early edition of The Moreton Bay Courier which was published near this site from 1851 to 1884.

Exploring ‘The Courier’ will reveal stories of the past and images of the present.”

Looks like I might need to revisit this particular piece of artwork and spend some time exploring it!