Daily Photo – Friday 11th September 2015 – 3D chalk walk

The Brisbane festival is still in full swing, so we decided to have a scout around the outdoor festival area tonight, that promises food places, musical entertainment and a 3D chalk walk.

And by a chalk walk….it was actually just two locations…where artists have drawn huge chalk images on the ground, which when you stand on the provided little stand and look down through the suggested aperture, you do get a good 3D feel of the image.

I haven’t quite captured that in the photo….but you can get the idea, and see a very good chalk picture.

3D chalk walk

We sat and enjoyed a bit of the Friday evening vibe with music from the bar whilst enjoying the sunset views over the river.

New William Street building reflects the sky quite well with all that glass.

And after such a strenuous evening (! cough, cough – any excuse!) some sustenance was required….so naturally to the food trucks we go.

And who could resist topped cronuts and donuts like these? (Hint: not me).

Cronut or donut anyone?

Daily Photo – Tuesday 25th August 2015 – For the love of sky

Anybody would think I love something about the sky. It has been the feature of some daily photos already, and today is no different.


In fact I loved it so much today, that I took photos on two separate occasions.


Daily Photo – Monday 17th August 2015 – Balcony sunsets

I’ve mentioned before that I like sunsets.

Tonight I took two photos, and I can’t actually decide which one I prefer and why……so I’m presenting them both.

In this one I like how the colours change, and that the tiny looking moon is visible.
In this one I like the pink tinge to the clouds.

Which do you like more and why?

Daily photo – Friday 3rd July 2015 – Commuting Sunset

My workplace isn’t that far away, but of an evening I’ve found it easier to get the train home, rather then the bus.

I say train, but the frequency of the stops for my part of the journey (3 stations), makes it feel more like the London tube to me.

But then you don’t get views like this from the tube. Granted it’s a little out of focus, but I did take it through the glass window of a moving train 🙂

Commuting sunset
Commuting sunset