Hello world!


I’m setting up this blog, largely for selfish reasons, to keep a record of what I get up to, and my wandering thoughts.
Also, my friends and family like to know what I’m up to, so this way they can find out as much or as little as they want, or just use it to ask me random questions when we talk on the phone.

I think I’m going to write about anything and everything. Having just recently travelled, and then migrated from one country to another, I suspect for a little while posts are going to relate to the moving country thing. But I am known to waffle sometimes, and go off at tangents….so you know…anything goes.

I’ll also be attempting to upload photos of things around me. Things I’ve noticed for the first time, places I’ve visited, stuff that reminds me about something, oh and the occasional food shot. I do like eating!

Hope you like it, and if you don’t, then you just won’t read any more. And that’s fine, ‘cos like I said….it’s for me really. Anything else is a bonus 🙂