Daily Photo – Monday 10th August 2015 – From the 18th floor window


On the 18th floor, things outside start to look a little smaller.

Featured here in the foreground is the entrance/exit of the busway tunnel that goes under the main shopping precinct of the city.

Behind is the red roofed Treasury Casino complex (which I haven’t yet been inside), with what I call Victoria square in the middle. I’m sure it has an official name, but as it contains a statue of Queen Victoria I’ve gone with that for now.

Behind that again is a building occupied by State government, with to the right a new building that they will occupy once finished. That new building looked like a very tall car park when we first arrived, so it’s been interesting to see it rise and transform.

What’s outside the window nearest you right now?

Daily Photo – Thursday 6th August 2015 – Brisbane Square

There’s quite a few tall buildings that make up the Brisbane skyline.

This particular one is called “Brisbane Square”, houses the Council’s city library in the bottom few coloured pods that stick out the bottom, and will in the coming months be joined by an even taller building next to it.

A regular sight for me as it sits next to the Victoria bridge. The one I usually cross if heading towards the city, or most other places on the north side of the river.

Brisbane Square
Brisbane Square