Daily Photo – Wednesday 2nd September 2015 – Views of Brisbane Festival

Southbank  is busy with yet another festival going on, this time badged as the Brisbane festival.

It certainly brings a wonderful vibrant sight and sound to my view whilst walking over the bridge across the river.

Brisbane Festival adding more light to the Southbank view.

And when I actually walk up close to the area on my way to get to my weekly cinema fix, I spotted these fabulous glass panels at the top of what I think is the Spiegeltent.

Not just a simple marquee

I’m sure I’ll be back on the festival site before it leaves town.

Daily Photo – Wednesday 19th August 2015 – Wheel of Brisbane

I see the Wheel of Brisbane regularly. It has a great spot in the middle of the South Bank parklands, next to the river, opposite the skyscrapers and buildings that make up the city skyline.

Wheel of Brisbane – in white

Tonight, the darkness seemed to engulf everything but it’s white brightness as I walked by.

Daily Photo – Friday 10th July 2015 – The Maroon Wheel

Wheel of Brisbane - not white
Wheel of Brisbane – not white

I forgot to take a picture today (!), so will use another picture I took on Wednesday (8th July) instead.

You see that night, it was State of Origin night. A big deal for local sports fans. And it seems the pattern, if there’s something reasonably big happening, then the lights of many big things around Brisbane have their colours changed to represent it.

This example, of the wheel being red, is celebrating that the local sports team in this particular competition is named the Queensland Maroons.

So the lights of the bridge, big buildings, and the wheel were all maroon (pronounced marown if you’re a local) tonight.

Daily Photo – Wednesday 24th June 2015 – Wheel of Brisbane

Wheel of Brisbane - a glimpse
Wheel of Brisbane – a glimpse

When we first arrived in Brisbane, and I saw the Wheel of Brisbane sitting next to the river in daylight, I was underwhelmed.

It’s no London Eye (slightly biased having been on the Eye the day before we left the UK). It’s just not as big and majestic.

But recently the Brisbane wheel was removed in stages from the skyline, due to a maintenance cycle. And having been here for over 5 months now, I was actually disappointed each time I was in the area, and the wheel wasn’t part of my now familiar view.

But, thankfully, it’s back. And seeing it on my way to the cinema tonight just made me smile. We’ll get round to actually going on it soon 🙂